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CollectConcept - Online Collection Management

CollectConcept is a online collection management tool for museums and collectors to faciliate daily collection documentation and management tasks.

Store information and upload images of your collection objects with this user friendly collection management platform. CollectConcept supports many typical collection management tasks, beneath basic object inventory and description it can help you with e.g. loan management,audits and restoration tracking.

Publish and share your object data and images with colleagues and people interested in your type of collection or use CollectConcept as your closed private or museum collection management tool and hide your data from the public.

CollectConcept builds on latest museum informatics standards such as the CIDOC reference model, the museum documentation standards SPECTRUM and CIMI. CollectConcept further supports standard XML data exchange formats such as SPECTRUM XML and museumdat. Therefore, CollectConcept ensures a professional, future proof and platform independent way to store your collection's data especially for smaller museums and private collectors.